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#1 - How To Setup a New Project

Rank Jester Add Project

The first step you will want to do, is to add a new project to use, this is pretty straightforward. You can autofill most of the name & password fields, you need to enter an article body & title (which you can spin for free using the in-built spinner) once you enter both those fields click SPIN USING INTERNAL SPINNER! and the software will do the rest.

At the bottom is the main keyword we want to rank for, this is what we are mainly interested in, other software can handle LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, we are just focused on ranking you for your main keyword.

You can also add a proxy that will be used with this project, if you do not want to use a proxy just leave it as ip:port and the software will disable the proxy for this project.

The bookmark option fields are on the "maybe delete" list, in future updates they may be removed.

Once you are happy with your new project you can click Save and the project will show up in your PROJECTS tab.

#2 - Navigating The UI

Rank Jester Projects

This is the PROJECTS tab - All your projects are stored here.

Rank Jester Sites

This is the SITES tab - On launching the software, it will download a list of sites we have hand picked for you to use. You can also add your own sites via the Settings menu.

Rank Jester Accounts

This is the ACCOUNTS tab - Once the software detects a registration success flag which is stored in logic\rj-[success]-[REG].txt the account will appear here.

Rank Jester Backlinks

This is the BACKLINKS tab - Once the software detects a login & post success flag which is stored in logic\rj-[success]-[LAP].txt the backlink will appear here. Or if no detection is found you can manually save the backlink URL from the browser window.

Rank Jester Settings

This is the SETTINGS tab - Please note, ReCaptchaV3 support has been added, but is still in the testing phase, due to it being unstable on some sites, it will be introduced permanantly in a future update.

Rank Jester Logs

This is the LOGS tab - Here we log any important or critical information which can be used for debugging.

#3 - The Script Engine

Rank Jester Script Engine