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What is the Rank Jester?

The Rank Jester? it is a fully automated SEO backlink building software designed to build you quality backlinks to your main money sites or tier 1 sites as they are commonly called in the SEO world, we use ONLY high quality authoritative sites which pack a SERP punch to place your links on, let us show you some of the features of the rank jester below.

Some of the Features.
  • HUMAN EMULATION - We utilize a real browser to do all posting tasks, in this modern era, most of the good sites you want to post a link to just can't be done with sockets as the sites use too much Javascript which makes it impossible from a technical point of view to bypass, we make sure it is as natural looking as possible with pauses and other human looking interaction and clicks to keep your account and posts alive.
  • CAPTCHA SUPPORT - We have it covered, using a 3rd party captcha solving service we can bypass ReCaptcha V2 & V3 which is prevalent again on most of the high authoritative sites these days.
  • PROXY SUPPORT - We also have this covered, it's a given to use proxies with any type of backlink software, it's best to have 1 proxy tied to an account.
  • ACTIVATION LINKS - We have added the ability for you to login via the software and click on any activation links pending, you can also add your own rules to the software knows what to look for.
  • INTERNAL SPINNER - We have added an internal spinner so you can quickly get up and going with your projects.
  • ADD YOUR OWN SITES - We have also added the option for you to add your own sites to post to, you can post these as private (only you can access) or publicly, all your fellow SEOers can benefit from them, we leave it up to you.
Option 1 - Monthly license.

$9.97 Monthly.

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Option 2 - Lifetime license (one off payment).

$497.00 Lifetime.

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